Al-pasha Interdiction

Discover how Al Pasha incorporates responsible behavior at every stage, and how our choices affect our local communities, our people and our environment.

Being a responsible corporation is something we take very seriously. Our group of companies plays a significant part in the daily life of millions of people – whether they are our own employees, our clients or the public we serve – and at every turn we take chances to do well and minimize harm. We have been growing since 1999 and continue to grow.

Summary of Financials Statements for Alpasha

For 2013 Alpasha and Dayik company have been working on a project at The University of Sulaymania, a housing project with 1224-unit apartments and single family houses for university staff. Project value is over $64 Million USD and 75% completed to date. Project university staff will be paying about $35000 per Unit with a government subsidy of $15000.

In 2014 we started working with THW German, NGO building primary health care and converting units in Sitack Sulaymania. Al Pasha have considerable past projects with the United States and Korean Military, as well as many International NGO’s in KRI. References for the work we did 2014 and 2015 are available on request.

Alpasha have no bank loans or any other loans. Government tax is clear and can be authenticated on request.

Alpasha is one of the top three-construction companies in KRI, ranked by KRG planning department.



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